Emily Sterling

Greetings! My name is Emily Sterling and I have been attending SCC for over 10 years now. I originally came to SCC as a newlywed, looking for a church that would provide a good home for me (born into the Presbyterian faith) and my husband (new to the church). We happily stayed and now have 3 daughters joining us each Sunday morning. Besides being a "mom of three", I also work as a pharmacist at Harborview Medical Center and enjoy cooking, hiking and hanging out at local coffee shops. I recently listened to God’s calling and stepped into a new role as Co-Director of Women’s Ministries besides Jen Fisker-Andersen. As Co-Directors, our goal is to nurture and strengthen the spiritual talents and connections within the women of this church. We are daily blessed by the amazing, Godly women helping us in this endeavor. At the bottom of it all, we just want to best serve Jesus Christ through this ministry.