November Thoughts

By Jan S

Remember to pause…..and give thanks!

Pause and Give Thanks

Wherever you find yourself today,

Whether filled with joy or wrapped in pain,

Remember to pause a moment and give thanks.

For no other event in our history and time,

Can change our lives like the birth of Christ – so divine.

His love never failing, and His Presence always near.

The greatest wonder in Heaven on Christmas did appear.

God’s gift full of grace that brings life, love, and hope,

Can be unwrapped by us all - changing life’s scope.

For when we invite His life into our hearts,

No love is greater than that He imparts.

So wherever you find yourself today,

Remember to pause and give thanks,

For He is the Truth and the Way!

– Carolyn Lynn Schwartz

Heartfelt thankfulness has an amazing effect. It gives us hope, turns our eyes on Jesus, and protects us from sin.

Questions: How can you show God this Thanksgiving that you are truly thankful? How long of a list could you make of ways that God has blessed your life?