Seeing Instructions While Entering information

The easiest way to use these Instruction Pages while entering information is to put them in one browser window while you work on the site in another browser Window. On your Windows 7 (or greater), you want put windows side-by-side with your data entry screen very easily (see below). On Macs (currently), you have to adjust windows manually. You can also print instructions out or email them.

On Windows 7 (not MAC--yet--or older Windows versions), putting to two browser Windows side-by-side has been made very easy.

  1. Hold down the Shift key WHILE clicking on an Instruction Menu Item under Church Pages. On almost all browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox), this will open the Instruction Page in a NEW browser Window.
  2. Put that Instruction Page Window on the right side of your computer screen by pressing the WINDOW (key with Windows logo on it) and RIGHT Arrow key simultaneously. (Sometimes you have to do this more than once.)
  3. Click back on your ORIGINAL browser window, which should seen to the left of the new Instruction Window, to activate it.
  4. Press WINDOW + LEFT ARROW simultaneously. This will put the original Browser window on the left for data entry.
  5. Do what it says on the Instruction window in your original Browser window to start entering your new document.
  6. To move between the data entry and instrucition windows, for example, to scroll the instructions down and then return to data entry, simply click on the desired window to activate it. Your scroll wheel or mouse will work on whichever screen is currently active.
  7. After scrolling the Instruction Windows, Click back on the Data Entry Window to activate it. You can see that Window, but when you type stuff will only appear if it is active.