Uploading Unedited MP3 Rips to Website

To upload and files to the SCC server, you need an easy-to-use FTP (file transfer protocol) program.

  1. Download Windows version here: https://filezilla-project.org/download.php?type=client

  2. (After you click the button, it takes you to another download, ignore that. Your computer will ask: Do we want to run or save Filezilla-blah-blah-setup.exe.

  3. Run it. It will be the install program.

  4. Install it. Follow directions on screen (agree to agreement and pretty much hit enter, no need to change anything).

  5. After install, it will ask if you want to run filezilla. Run it (or, if it doesn’t ask, run it from your program list or desktop or wherever you run programs from).

  6. To connect to SCC website, you first have to set up the Site Manager. Go to File >Site Manager

  7. Click “New Site” button. It will create a New Site folder and highlight name of site. Change to “SCC” or whatever.

  8. Now, click on blank area after “Host:” and enter: (this is site’s IP address)

  9. Now go to “Login Type: “ are and click on down arrow at end and select “Normal”, after which “Normal” should appear in that slot.

  10. Now go to space after “User:” and enter “Shorelin” (no “e” on end, don’t enter the quotes, just what is between them).

  11. Now go to space after “Password” and enter “a4DY9tLsc0” (this is case sensitive and that is a zero on the end, not an “O”)

  12. Now click the “Connect” button at the bottom (this should save the login info above, next time, just to to  Site Manager, highlight SSS, and click connect.

  13. System should connect to SCC website. (A bunch of stuff appears at top of screen showing connection dialogue, if it says “Error” there, you did something wrong in setup, probably, redo).

  14. Below the login dialogue, you see right and left screen areas. The one on the left is a directory on your computer (says “Local Site” at top). The one on the right is the initially “root” directory on the server (says “Remote Site” on top).  You are going to move files from the left side to the right, once you get the right places on each computer.

  15. Each screen area is divided into two vertical windows. The top one shows your “path” on that computer, that is, all the folder directories on that site. The bottom is the “file area,” that is, where you are going to “drop” the mp3 files.

  16. To get the right server area, go to right screen area and click anywhere in the file area (bottom window on right), highlighting any file folder there (don’t double click or it will open the folder).  Then you can scroll down in that area until you can see “tmp” folder. Double click on it to open.

  17. You will see another folder called “cdrips” (CD Rips), double click on it to open. You now have right place on server to upload.

  18. Now, you need to do the same thing on your computer (local site) but since I don’t know where your rip files are doing, I cannot tell you exactly what to do. Play in the directory path area to find. Click on little “Plus” signs to see all the folders under a directory folder. When you find where you put your audio files (possibly under “My Music/Itunes/Unknown Artist”) since Itunes files under name of artist and these come in without an artist name).

  19. Make sure files are named with date of service (“021514” for Feb 15 2014). Double click on filename to rename (don’t change .mp3 on end).  If there are multiple files (I hate it where person on board breaks them up because it makes more work for everyone), add “-1,” “-2” to end. This is the “track number” and ripped files will show it. Something like “Track1.mp3” under “Unknown Artist”. You want to rename to “021614-1.mp3”.

  20. Now, just click on the files in the left window that you want to move, hold down mouse button, drag to right window and drop (let finger off mouse button) nclick). This will copy file to server. You will see a little dialogue in top area showing transfer. After it is transferred, you will see the file on server. Do this until all files are transferred.

  21. When you have transferred, let me know and I will download, edit and post to site. I will then move to the “old” folder on server so you won’t see them in window any more.  You can check the “old” folder to see past files uploaded. Do not drop mp3 on the “old” folder or they will be copied there and you won’t see them and I will have a harder time finding them.