A Piece of My Mind – Pastor Erika Haub

April 2018
One night I was sitting on Hope’s bed with at bedtime, tucking her in and enjoying a few minutes of conversation, when we decided to do “roses, thorns, and buds." This is a family thing we do sometimes where we each share a highlight of our day (a rose), a hard part of our day (a thorn), and something we are looking forward to (a bud). I spoke first, and then it was Hope’s turn to share: “Mommy, my thorn was getting in an argument with Julie on the bus.” When I asked her to tell me more about that, she answered [ Read More ]

A Piece of My Mind – Pastor Brad

October 2017
Visioneering. That is what we will be doing for a while. What is “visioneering”? “Visioneering is the course one follows to make dreams a reality. It is the process whereby ideas and convictions take on substance.” (Andy Stanley) A great and compelling vision infuses the mundane and the minutia of life with meaning and purpose. A vision from God for this church places the church right in the flow of his Master Plan. Without an inspiring vision, we just wander. In the language of postmodernism, we live “wiki-lives” of randomness that lack an overarching metanarrative. Think of it this way. [ Read More ]