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Mike Guerrero Senior Pastor

Excerpt from A Piece of my Mind

My name is Mike Guerrero and I’m the pastor of Shoreline Covenant Church.  Let me tell you something about myself. I grew up in Southern California on a farm, but not the usual kind of farm. My father was a flower farmer. I have vivid memories of acres of multicolor crops as well as tedious hours of weeding and irrigating. I was raised in the rich heritage of the Roman Catholic Church. My family, particularly my mother, regularly went to Confession and attended Mass. I had meaningful experiences of confessing my sins and finding assurance of forgiveness. However, in my senior year of high school, I developed a friendship with some kids who were part of a little community church in our area. I was impressed with the way they spoke of their everyday faith in Jesus. Eventually they explained to me how Jesus Christ had died for their sins and how they sought to follow him as their Lord. What they shared with me led me to a new understanding of, and deeper appreciation for, Jesus Christ and led me to express and experience my trust in Him as I never had before. Four years later in 1966 (a very long time ago) I graduated from Occidental College in Los Angeles. While in college I gave in to the desire God had put in heart and decided my life’s calling was to become a pastor. However, as I finished college I realized I didn’t know much about people or life so I enlisted in the Army and spent three years at various posts in the United States. When my Army enlistment was over I enrolled in Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. I spent three years there and also worked as youth pastor at a local church. I did my last year of graduate work at Bethel Seminary, a Baptist school in St. Paul, Minnesota because I thought I was going to be serving a Baptist church. But things didn’t work out as I’d planned and God led me to an Evangelical Covenant Church in Los Angeles where I served for almost 3 years as assistant pastor. It was there that I met and married my wife Judi. We came to Shoreline Covenant Church (it was North Seattle Covenant Church back then) in 1977. Our time with the people who are Shoreline Covenant Church has been a blessing to us and, hopefully, to them as well.