Dennis Pool

Hi.  I was baptized Episcopalian, raised Rosicrucian, and came to faith through the ministry of Young Life.  I started out at Central Washington College (now all grown up and calling itself a University) to become a teacher, but because of the times I was drafted and spent two years in the Army.  After the Army I graduated with a teaching degree but was led to be a part of Young Life.  I served on YL for 6 years and then was hired as minister of Christian Education at the Covenant Church in Salem, Or.  So, I got to use that education background in a church setting.  Before coming to Shoreline Covenant I served Covenant Churches in Monroe, WA and Mound, MN.  I’m married to a wonderful woman named Sue.  We have two sweet, fun and loving children, and one cool daughter-in-law. 

I used to be pretty active but now because of age, I enjoy the “less-active” side of life but still try to be active serving Our Lord.

Contact:  Pastor Dennis