Vicki Carney

Church Administrator

I have been the church secretary/administrator at Shoreline Covenant for over 30 years. I really love the staff I work with, even though Pastor Mike and I live in different worlds (he is PC and I am Mac). I try to remain humble when he experiences “technical difficulties” but I must admit that a smug smile does escape once in awhile. I met my husband, Jack, at church when we were in the 6th or 7th grade, got married in college (he was a Husky and I was a Coug), and have been married for 40+  years. We have been blessed with two daughters and a son. We also have seven delightful grandchildren who I am more than happy to talk about and share photos if you’d like to stop by. I enjoy live theatre, traveling, reading historical biographies & mysteries, crafting, watching football & basketball, hanging out with the grandkids, having houseguests from around the world, walking and cuddling with our "boxer-girl" Laylah, and spending time anywhere near a river, lake, or ocean.

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