Covid-19 Response

May 15, 2021

See the following update regarding wearing masks at during in-person worship here:

March, 2020

From Pastor Ben ~

We truly are living in a strange and unexpected time, forced to navigate unfamiliar terrain. We are blessed to have a talented and dedicated tech and worship team to help us stay connected in worship during this season. I am
incredibly grateful for them: their energy, talent, and the hours that they have put in over the past few weeks to make our live-stream run as smoothly as it has. And as wonderful as it has been, they are continuing to work hard at improving and streamlining that process for you all. They truly are amazing! While we miss worshiping together on Sunday mornings, our community connection is much greater than one “event” each week. The rest of our connectional ministry has also been disrupted by this, and we are seeking to respond in creative ways. This is also a wonderful time to love our neighbors, in a very literal sense, as well as to find ways to reach out to care for our community in unique ways, even as we self-isolate to protect not only ourselves but our community.

Some Changes to Note…

Sunday Worship

Ministry & Connection Throughout the Week

Prayer & Care, for SCC and for Our Community

In this strange time, we will likely all find ourselves at some point needing help or support from our community! We also want to continue to look for ways to serve one another. Here are some ways we can do so: