"Already, Not Yet" ~ Pastor Ben Zabel

November 2019
It may be hard to believe, but Advent is just a month away! But at this moment I am staring at beautiful red leaves on the trees out my office window. I am struck by this intersection of seasons when we awake to frost-covered lawns and cars, but we are warmed by the sun’s warmth in the afternoon. It reminds me of a scholarly phrase that I love: the “already, not yet”. This phrase points to the fact that Jesus has already come in the flesh, modeled how to pursue the Kingdom of God, sacrificed his life for our forgiveness, [ Read More ]

The Pattern of Jesus - Pastor Ben Zabel

October 2019
My daughter, Eva, took up sewing a few years ago. She started a business making and selling aprons. She chooses unique fabrics and tries different details: lace, pockets, elastic straps, etc, etc. She puts unique and creative detail work in, but there’s one thing that always stays the same: the pattern. The pattern is the size and design for the body of the apron. The add-ons and extras can change, but if the pattern changes then what you get is something completely different. In sewing it’s all about the pattern. If you want to make an apron, then you need [ Read More ]