In the Midst of Change - Pastor Ben Zabel

September 2019
Needless to say, life has been a bit chaotic in the Zabel household for the past few months! We packed up our house in South Dakota, said “goodbye” to friends and our church family, moved half-way across the country into a new house in a new place with new rhythms, and I started my new role as Lead Pastor here at Shoreline Covenant. It truly has been a whirlwind of emotion and change and new experiences. In God’s sovereign way, though, our stories have not been that dissimilar. You also have been in an extended season of transition and change, [ Read More ]

The Mess Belongs - Pastor Erika Haub

July 2019
A few years ago, I lost someone dear to me to a very heinous crime, and I remember going to worship at my home church in Portland the following weekend after helping bury my friend. I am not sure I made it through the Call to Worship before I started to sob. I instinctively popped out of my chair and fled the sanctuary to the safety of the women’s bathroom. My dear friend, Maria, saw me leave and followed: she found me in the bathroom, weeping. She put her arm gently around me and told me that I didn’t need [ Read More ]