Understanding Church Culture - Pastor Brad Hill

May 2019
Anthropologists might define culture something like this: Culture is the collection of norms, rituals, and behaviors that a group of people share and that is transmitted through symbols within a system. I think of culture as being expressed by stories, rituals, artifacts, language, heroes and habits. If we were to apply this to a church, any church, how would you describe the SCC church culture? What are the formative stories of SCC (I tried to do that in my “Psalm of Shoreline” earlier)? Starting out small on “15th” street, opening of the preschool, the common meals, Camp Casey events, the [ Read More ]

Daily Bread - Pastor Erika Haub

April 2019
When Doug and I pastored together in Los Angeles, he would always drive to church early Sunday mornings to do set-up and worship-team rehearsal. I would follow later on foot, kids in tow: first, pushing a double stroller with two young kiddos inside, and eventually pushing two kids in a stroller WITH another baby in the carrier. Our church met in an elementary school a half-mile from our house, and unlike Seattle, the sun was always good and hot for our Sunday morning commute. If you have ever seen pictures of people doing pilgrimages to a cathedral where they make [ Read More ]