Waiting on God - Pastor Brad Hill

July 2018
A Piece of My Mind: Waiting on God by Pastor Brad Hill We spend a lot of life just waiting, don’t we? We wait in lines for groceries (and I know you evaluate all the lines to pick the shortest and fastest one, right?). I spend a lot of time waiting in traffic. We wait for life’s milestones: graduation, marriage, job, children, and so on. We wait for wayward children to return. We wait for the pain to pass. Together at SCC we wait for the calling of a new pastor. We wait for this interminable “transitional season” to end! [ Read More ]

A Story to Tell – Pastor Erika Haub

April 2018
A Piece of My Mind: A Story to Tell by Pastor Erika Haub One night I was sitting on Hope’s bed with at bedtime, tucking her in and enjoying a few minutes of conversation, when we decided to do “roses, thorns, and buds." This is a family thing we do sometimes where we each share a highlight of our day (a rose), a hard part of our day (a thorn), and something we are looking forward to (a bud). I spoke first, and then it was Hope’s turn to share: “Mommy, my thorn was getting in an argument with Julie on the [ Read More ]