Daily Bread - Pastor Erika Haub

April 2019
When Doug and I pastored together in Los Angeles, he would always drive to church early Sunday mornings to do set-up and worship-team rehearsal. I would follow later on foot, kids in tow: first, pushing a double stroller with two young kiddos inside, and eventually pushing two kids in a stroller WITH another baby in the carrier. Our church met in an elementary school a half-mile from our house, and unlike Seattle, the sun was always good and hot for our Sunday morning commute. If you have ever seen pictures of people doing pilgrimages to a cathedral where they make [ Read More ]

Lies Pop Culture Tells Us - Pastor Brad Hill

March 2019
I started what will be a short series on spiritual warfare in the last Pacesetter. In it, I stated that Satan was a liar and the father of lies. What lies does he tell us? How does he communicate these lies? I came across these 7 lies that American pop culture tells us…what is the spiritual origin of these lies? 1.) Santa Claus Theology (If I am good, God will bless my life.) 2.) Steve Jobs Theology (If I work hard, I can do anything.) 3.) Oprah Theology (God wants me to be happy.) 4.) Gated Neighborhood Theology (God wants me to be [ Read More ]